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Weve all been taught that chocolate is bad for you, but studies show the ingredients in cocoa may help prevent degenerative illnesses such as heart disease and cancer! Cocoa contains antioxidants (also found in fruits, vegetables and teas) called catechins. Catechins may help prevent the oxidation of blood cholesterol and decrease tendency for the clotting of blood. Dark chocolate also contains flavinoids, which help reduce blood pressure and prevent plaque buildup from blocking your arteries. Cocoa may also help calm that persistent cough. The ingredient theobromine suppresses the vagus nerve responsible for coughing. But have a care chocolate is high in fat (up to 50%) and can trigger migraines. So youre craving chocolate?

Try these tips: The darker the chocolate, the better the health benefits Avoid white chocolate, which has no cocoa, thus no antioxidant effects Eat in moderation because chocolate is energy dense. The fastest way to gain weight is overeating Boost chocolate antioxidants like heart-healthy catechins with a cup of hot chocolate instead of eating a candy bar its lower in fat content Are you in pain? Are you constantly struggling with stress? Do you want to increase your fitness or drop a few pounds? Do you just want to live a healthy, happy life? Welcome to Guiding Health For You a website designed to provide real tips and valuable insight for your overall health and wellness and that of your family! Whether you want to learn more about fitness and weight loss or ways to cope with stress and pain, this is the website especially designed for you, created to provide real knowledge and solutions for real lives! The first step of healing is acceptance and knowledge gives you power power to understand power to take back control of your lives!

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