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Hypertension is referred as high blood pressure. It is due to sudden change in body. This happens because people are less habituated of performing more activities as technology has made them lazy to do manual work. With this the blood pressure in the body rises. The daily routine of a person must be in a continuous flow with more activities. Have you observed people of rural areas.

They go to the field and do all the work by themselves. Their activities are so hard and that is the secret to their health. They travel long distances but the people of urban areas have advanced means of transport to reach destination in a short time. This is reducing their activity and causing diseases. A health of a person depends on his activities. Fewer activities lead to hypertension, obesity and other internal problems.

The other cause of hypertension is stress which causes blood pressure and goes unnoticed if proper care is not taken it may lead to complications as hypertension is known as the silent killer generally. As the person crosses certain age, cells die in the body and are not replaced by new ones to a normal level. In youngsters high blood pressure and is due to a rich diet of processed foods and sweets. These foods cause diabetes, increases cholesterol and causes fats in body. Recent researches indicate that 30% of the population is out of danger of high blood pressure and the remaining percentage is suffering it. Actually hypertension causes make the person tired, fatigue with a lot of headache.

They feel tired mainly in the evening times. More males are prone to this problem than females. It may be a herited problem or gained through poor diet. Hypertension can be managed by taking mineral rich foods like foods rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. Garlic is considered as the best medicine to control hypertension as it makes good circulation of blood. Include good supplements of basic vitamins and minerals.

Consume omega -3 fatty acid tablets along with vitamin B as it stops blood clotting in the body and causing heart strokes. Try to avoid stress as it is the main cause to get hypertension. Avoid meats and switch to vegetarian foods as vegetables can maintain your diet and keep you healthy. Exercise every day for 10 to 15 minutes to improve the level of fitness. It reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases . Exercise lowers your blood pressure and increases good cholesterol that removes fats from arteries.